How Have Wedding Dress Trends Changed Over the Years?

Wedding Dress One unique thing about the fashion world is the rate at which styles, tastes and trends change constantly with time. In the world of fashion, trends change so fast in such a way that a dress style that is considered fashionable this year, may become old fashion and obsolete the next year.

One style of dress that is not left out in this fast changing fashion trend is the wedding dress. A wedding dress is only intended to be worn on that one special day as opposed to everyday wear like conventional clothes, so its change in trend is not as rapid as other cloths in the fashion industry. Traditionally, the white colour has been adopted globally as a general accepted colour for wedding gowns for many years now, although this colour dominance in trend is gradually fading away, and one can see readily avail wedding dress of other colours other than white.

The traditional white wedding dress originated from Britain. As a matter of fact, the term ‘white wedding’ was derived from the white colour of the white wedding dress. The white wedding gown was the choice of Queen Victoria at her wedding with Prince Albert in 1840. Thus, she became the first lady to wear a white dress on her wedding day. Ever since then, the white wedding dress has become popular, and has seen approval among so many cultures around the world, though its prevalence still remains predominant amongst the world’s Christian communities.

So far, the changes in wedding dress trends have not really been noticed in the colour of the dress, rather, the change in the trend has been more observed with regards to the design of wedding dresses. Wedding dress trends 2014 gives you a unique and classic design in wedding dress fashion. These days, along with the traditional white wedding gown, choices of other colours have been selected from light coloured cloth materials.

Noticeable among other popular colour choices of wedding dress is the ivory coloured wedding dress. Some people may prefer a light blue coloured dress or even in some cases, a light rose wedding dress has been seen to be a perfect choice. These choices of wedding dress colours have also been found to be very fashionable, particularly in recent years. Other changes in wedding dress trends are seen in the stylish design of the dress, to give the bride a perfect fit on her memorable wedding day. For instance, the design of some wedding dresses, is to have large, over sized skirts that create the appearance of an even smaller fitted waist, is just one of the wedding dress 2014 trends.

Another great trend in that has stood the test of time and is still gaining popularity is the use of lace materials for the design of wedding dresses. Wedding dresses designed from lace cloth materials has proved its popularity among so many people and it is not showing any sign of fading away in the near future.

Enjoy an Indian Wedding in Delhi

Indian WeddingDelhi is the hub of amazing venues for marriage and you can have access to the world class facilities, services and all the related paraphernalia to make way for amazing and awe-inspiring wedding. If you are also seeking the ‘ultimate’ options in making your wedding an event of life time then certainly you have to look no further than the boundaries of Delhi; as you will be catered with the finest services in terms of venue, decoration, catering services and even the wedding photography. It is time to explore this cornucopia of celebration in details:

There are so many Banquet halls in Delhi that you can avail for the marriage ceremony. Most of the elite families choose to make sure that they seek the best of banquet halls with top-class amenities and incredible ambience. The refinement and sophisticated marriage halls make way for the most stylish wedding parties and you can make sure that your wedding is also a “GRAND” event by seeking these Banquet halls.

One of the best ways that you can choose and enjoy this wonderful occasion of Marriage in a very stress free manner is by seeking the services of a professional wedding planner which will make everything a cake walk for you. There are so many Wedding planners in Delhi that you can select according to your preference, budget and expectations. Wedding planner can handle the entire situations and arrangements that you want to include in your marriage parties such as Henna Ceremony, Ladies’ Sangeet, hen party, decoration etc.

It is surely a blessing to seek out wedding planner if you want to remain in your budget and yearn to have meticulous arrangements as well. You need to be very clear about how much you can afford and your requirements in your decided budgets and leave rest of the responsibilities to wedding planner. You can also seek for wedding planners that are providing additional services without any extra cost such as arranging Wedding decorators in Delhi for you. It is indeed fantastic to seek the decoration that blends perfectly with your vision as well as your apparel.

In addition to this, the wedding in Delhi is bound to reverberate with delicious and heady aroma of food, delicacies, sweets and desserts. There is no denying that Food is the heart beat of Indian wedding as everyone remembers a wedding through its taste, flavour and presentation! The good news is that there is no shortage of Wedding Caterers in Delhi and hence, you can make your function unforgettable to all the guests by seeking the best caterers in town.

And what’s more?! The wedding is never complete without the clicks and tricks of wedding photography that capture the sweet emotional moments. Wedding photographers in Delhi are very famous for their unique style and expertise in taking astonishing photographs of the wedding. It is true that the time that you have enjoyed won’t come back but you can recreate the same feelings of the occasion by seeing pictures of wedding ceremony.

All in all, you can make your wedding truly mesmerising and lovely affair by opting for the reliable, authentic and experienced services that can glorify the occasion thoroughly without straining your pockets!

Photo Booth Rentals in Miami Florida

Party Booth USA is your nationwide party rental service. We are expanding into the Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahasee, and Tampa Bay area in Florida. Before renting, be sure to get a free quote from one of our operators.

photo booth rental in miamiHosting any type of special occasion, you want everything to be best, right? What better way than renting a photo booth and putting it at the event? This is a simple way to make people happy and get everyone at the party involved. Photo booths are an age old custom enjoyed by one and all because of how easy and fun it is. Any great event should have a photo booth in place to perk up the setting and make the even that much better than it already was.

They Are Enjoyable

Whenever you throw a special event, you need someone or something to get everything going. If you desire the event to be memorable, you have to make sure it is fun. Yet, what can be done to make the event enjoyable and entertaining for the guests?

That’s why photo booths are the best way to get everybody in the right mood, creating memories that will last a lifetime, even if most of the individuals at the party are camera shy in their real-life. This is a cool, fun way of helping individuals get together and simply take images as they please.

With modern abilities, these photo booth rentals are now geared up with social networks alternatives that can make the whole experience that much more interactive.


Asphoto booth rental jacksonville orlandok anybody about exactly what makes photo booths an outstanding addition to a celebration and they will certainly state ‘the memories’. Yes, the guests are able to develop memories that are going to be born in mind for a long time to come.

The occasion will not just go down as a successful one, it will never ever be forgotten because of the distinct, entertaining photo booth that was present in the middle of the event for everyone to use and see.

You really want something that brings in people and makes them want to participate and photo booths are the primary means of doing so without putting a a major dent in your budget.

Social event booth rentals aren’t going away and that is because they are enjoyable, remarkable method to commemorate the occasion itself, they will be there time and time again. Individuals love taking photos and they wish to share exactly what they are doing with individuals they enjoy being around everyday. What much better means to do this then to jump into the photo booth and take quality images prior to sharing them with their pals on FaceBook, Twitter, and more. Photo booth rentals really make everything that much more entertaining, giving a little excitement to the evening that might have been missing if you had not brought one in.

Simple Steps To Trouble Free Wedding Planning

If you’ve just got engaged, then a very big congratulations!

It’s a really exciting thing to be thinking about, and often the couple will find that they’re not really thinking about the wedding itself, rather looking beyond that to spending their lives together. After all, a marriage isn’t about one big day, but the start of your lives together and the union between you as a couple.

Wedding barns in Suffolk

Usually (and we don’t want to stereotype here) we find that women put more weight on the wedding itself than men do. It leads to a lot of unnecessary stress, and we feel like the males of the species have got it right when they relax and just let their wives to be worry about the colours of the flowers.

All that really matters for your big day is that all your friends and family, and anyone who matters to you can attend. It means that, yes, you probably will need to do a bit of planning, but you should try not to let it stress you out too much.

The first step of any wedding planning is to sort out your budget, and make sure it’s something you’re going to be able to stick to. That means make it both affordable and realistic. Whatever your budget you’re going to need a range of services as well as a wedding venue (and preferably a few options rather than just the one which is suitable). Wedding barns in Suffolk are a good option, and there are plenty of different venues available so you will be able to find something to suit any sized wedding party and hopefully any budget as well. An increasing number of couples pay for their weddings by themselves, but many parents will also want to help out their children and help their budget go that little bit further.

Wedding barns in Suffolk can be the answer to much of your planning woes. Finding the right venue is one of the hardest and biggest decisions you’ll have to make, but make right one and you can tick several things off your list at once. Wedding barns is Suffolk will often also have accommodation, and some will come with all the furniture, and even the catering as part of the bargain. Not bad for a day’s work!

The most important thing when it comes to keeping yourselves organised and stress free is to make a list and stick to it. You can include your budget and your deadlines on here as well, and you’ll be off to a flying start. Book your wedding barn in Suffolk and you’ll be well on your way to marital bliss.

Getting Started: Your Top Tips to a Successful Photography Business

Wedding Photographer EssexIf you’re a student thinking about pursuing a career in photography or starting up your own photography business then this article will give you an insight into the best way of ensuring that you have a good chance of making a success of your ambitions. There are so many ways in which it is possible for you to start from scratch, and grow your business successfully; some of the most important ones include:

Making Sure You Invest in the Right Equipment

It is often said that a bad workman blames his tools. To be a good photographer it is important that you have the right tools as these will make a big difference to the results you get. Having a business plan in place before you get started will ensure that you know how much you are able to spend on your equipment. It is always better to go for quality, so rather than by a lot of cheap equipment, buy a few essential quality pieces to get you started.

Get Insurance!

This isn’t just good advice, this is a necessity. It may take a bit of time to get to grips with all the insurance policies that you need for your photography business, but it is well worth the time. Your insurance will need to cover clients’ accidents, their property, your property and equipment and yourself. This is another expense that you will need to incorporate into your business plan: without insurance you could lose a considerable amount of money if a client sues or if you injure yourself or damage equipment whilst working.

Market Yourself

Marketing has changed considerably over the years, but sometimes the simplest way is often the best. There are a variety of ways in which you can market yourself and your company to bring in more clients. These include:

Direct Marketing

Direct mail marketing is an excellent way of generating new business. There are a number of different companies available, both online and your local area, who will be able to advise you on the best way of beginning the leaflet distribution campaign for your new photography business. Ask them about their success rate and the areas they cover before finalising your campaign and you may see some excellent results.

Social Media

Social media marketing is something that can be done on a very small budget. Start a Facebook page, open an account on Twitter and get your brand out there with the help of friends, family and business contacts. There is a wealth of information available online about social media marketing and it is well worth reading up on it to get some valuable hints and tips.

Fairs and Events

An excellent way to meet prospective clients face-to-face and have a good opportunity to network is to book a stand at a photography event or wedding fair. But be warned, these can often be incredibly difficult to get into, so it is worth booking well in advance or knowing somebody at the venue.

Perfect Your People Skills

Having great people skills can mean the difference between securing a contract or losing it. No matter what area of photography you specialise in, the better you are talking to your clients and taking care of their needs, the more successful you will end up being.

Think Big

Most importantly, don’t forget to dream big. Be ambitious and remember to think like a successful photography business – if you come across as confident, knowledgeable, experienced and creative you will win over potential clients and see your business growing and developing before your very eyes.

Article provided by Wedding Photographer Essex

DIY Backyard Weddings

A do it yourself wedding is easy to throw in a beautiful backyard. The hassle of booking a wedding venue can drain you of both your time and your money. A DIY wedding held in a backyard is one you can have almost complete control over. The biggest risk you take with this kind of wedding is undesirable weather. A surefire way to make sure this doesn’t ruin your wedding is to rent a party tent under which the ceremony and/or reception can take place. Dressing a party tent up for your wedding is easy and cheap. All you have to do is take sheets, fabrics or curtains and line the tent with them. This will also avoid nosy neighbors being able to see the celebration taking place. Another benefit to doing this is that you cover up the poles holding up the tent.

DIY weddings

For an evening reception it is easy to string white lights along the ceiling of the tent. This serves as both light and décor and saves you money. You can even purchase white holiday lights and hang them along the perimeter of the tent. Cable ties can then be used to hold the lights into place.

If you are looking to have a super casual wedding you can even have a barbequed theme wedding. This is great for a daytime wedding or an evening wedding, though for the latter you will want to install garden lights in the backyard. If there is a pool in the backyard you can set up a water – based bar where your guests can enjoy fresh drinks while soaking in the pool.

A backyard wedding makes the process of DIY wedding flowers very easy. A great way to decorate the aisle the bride walks down on the big day is to simply line up potted flowers, which should make the official wedding colors, as should the flower pots. Purchasing new ones may not even be necessary if you are willing to use spray paint on the flower pots you already have.

A wedding cake can be very expensive, but you can get around this expense by providing cupcakes instead. Not only are cupcakes easy to make they are fun to decorate and there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect ones. You can decorate your wedding cupcakes with foods such as nuts and cherries. You can even use real flowers to decorate your wedding cupcakes. Displaying them is as easy as purchasing a cupcake stand, which you can find at most department stores and kitchenware stores. Having personalized cupcake wrappers made can help you give your wedding a unique touch.

A DIY wedding backyard style can be a fun way to celebrate with friends and family without breaking the bank. It also gives you many options for making your wedding one that will stand out in the minds of your guests. DIY weddings are a fun and easy way to celebrate your happiest day.

Choosing Wedding Venues South London

wedding venues South LondonIf you are looking for an incredible wedding venue South London then you need to take a look at Addington Palace in Surrey. This amazing venue is in the centre of 163 acres of rolling countryside and features a palace as a backdrop. This estate was constructed in the 16th century by the Leigh Family until Sir John Leigh died without any heirs in 1737. At that time, his distant relatives sold his property to Barlow Trecothick who moved from Boston, Massachusetts to London to become a Lord Mayor and eventually an MP. He purchased the estate for 38,500 pounds and became Lord Mayor of London in 1770.

Since that time, this incredible property has changed hands many times but has now become a “go to” wedding venue South London. This facility has a large outdoor area available which features well-lit outdoor tents to allow for bad weather. If the weather is nicer, the wedding ceremony can be held either outdoors or indoors, depending upon what the couple want for their wedding. The wedding guests will be charmed with the beautiful scenery and gardens. Inside the manor there are beautiful and elegant staircases that wind up and into the second floor areas. There is an in-house chef that specialises in both Afro-Caribbean and European cuisine. There is no charge for corkage on any soft drinks or alcoholic drinks for hires of more than twelve hours which can be a cost savings when there is a large guest list.

The reception area features elegantly set tables and a beautiful waterfall centrepiece. The capacity of the building is for up to 900 guests with a kitchen, bar and luxury toilets. The building is fully heated and air cooled and free car parking is available for up to 300 cars. If a couple is looking to reduce planning they can utilize the turn key operation that is in place and work with the recommended suppliers and caterers that have an ongoing contract with the venue. The kitchen is completely functional for onsite cooking or can be used to regenerate or reheat pre-made dishes. Caterers are required to provide their own cooking oil and the couple also must provide their own kitchen porters.

When you are looking for amazing wedding venues South London area, Addington Palace offers an incredible backdrop for memorable photographs to be cherished for generations into the future. If you have always dreamed of the most incredible wedding in a luxurious venue, Addington Palace in Surrey is one of the most amazing wedding venues South London has to offer. If you have not yet made up your mind on a single venue for your big day, you should certainly consider this facility. It is possible and encouraged for people to make arrangements to take a tour of the property to see exactly how amazing it really is. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but when you finally find the right venue, most of the stress you have been feeling will leave you and everything will start to fall into place.

For more information visit

Choosing a wedding videographer to shoot your day

Aaron Rose Wedding FilmsYour wedding day is an event of lifetime. An event, that deserves to be filmed by a professional wedding videography specialist.  So choosing the right wedding video company to film your day is very important.

How do you choose?

There are lots of wedding film makers out there but which one is right for you? The company you choose needs to fit your expectations of your wedding film. Do you want a high production mini epic? Or a more low key, subtle interpretation of your day? Or maybe you just want a simple documentary style production. There are lots of choices in style and production methods out there, so do your ground work and check out lots of suppliers until you find the style you like.

The wedding film professional.

The wedding film professional will be a full time, committed, talented and fully insured individual who will have your best interest at heart in the production of a wonderful wedding day film.

Using quality equipment capturing HD footage, the wedding film maker will have the right tools to ensure an entertaining wedding film is produced. From crystal clear audio to cinematic style shots and film like colour grading. The production values of the modern wedding film will far surpass the dodgy wedding video look for years gone by.

What should I pay?

There is wide price range available in this market, from the weekend warriors charging prices too good to be true, to the bespoke wedding film makers.

A professional full time wedding film maker will have significant business and be heavily invested in equipment to film the day right. This commitment to doing the job right wont come cheap so expect to pay £1500 upwards for a quality wedding film company to shoot your day.

The value of the wedding film will become apparent when you consider the unique memories it will capture to be viewed over a life time.


Aaron Rose Wedding Films is a Lancashire wedding video specialist.  We cover the whole of the UK with or wedding film services.

Using a discreet and unobtrusive style in shooting your wedding day, we work diligently to get as much footage as possible while letting the ceremony be the solemn and serious event.

Those who are interested in the best possible Manchester wedding video should not hesitate to contact us.

Tips To Help You Find Your Perfect Wedding Invitations.

wedding invitationsIf you are planning your wedding then you may find yourself with a lot of important choices to make. When making a lot of big choices, the little ones may slip by your attention. Yet it can be these little details that make a truly great wedding. For example, wedding invitations. People say first impressions are the most important, and your wedding invitations will be the first taste of your wedding that people get to experience, so they are more important than you think. However, with lots of larger and more important things needing your attention, you don’t want to spend too much time obsessing about the getting the right invitations. Yet with so much choice and variety, it is difficult to get the invitations that are best for you. Sounds like a mini nightmare, right? Well no need to lose any sleep over it, as I am here to give you a few tips to help you get through it!

When it comes to weddings, one of the biggest factors is themes. Nearly everyone has a wedding theme, and everything you do related to your wedding should stay within the theme boundaries, and this includes your wedding invitations. Get wedding invitations that not just suit your theme, but are a good opening to it. Like I said these will be peoples first impressions of your weddings so they need to be incredibly relevant to the theme, otherwise people may get a little confused as to what exactly you were trying to go for.

The next factor is one every bride wishes wasn’t an issue, but sadly always is. Price. Weddings are expensive, but invitations don’t need to be. Don’t go for the first invitation you like if it is overpriced. Although important, invitations are quite easy to come by, so shop around! Don’t find just the best invites, but also the best deal. A bit of extra time on invites will save you money that can be put into the parts of the wedding where cost is necessary.

The last tip is a simple one, but one that a lot of people over look. Don’t just stick to local vendors. In the old days you would get everything for your wedding locally, but thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet you can now get almost everything you could ever need online! So just like the last time, do some browsing! Get online (as you are now) and search around for the right invites, at the right prices and from the right vendors. There are a lot of wedding sites out there that make this an incredibly easy task, so make use of them to make your big day the best it can be!

Hopefully these tips will help make this invitation problem become a lot easier to handle. No wedding goes perfectly, but if you follow these tips at least your invitations won’t hold you back. If you want more wedding invitation tips like these or other wedding planning tips then do not hesitate to head on over to my wedding planning website for plenty more free advice.

10 Things To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

wedding caterersWedding catering is an expensive business, and will be one of the largest chunks out of your wedding budget, so you will want to make sure you are getting your moneys worth. This means that it is no good just hiring the first wedding caterer you come across. You need to look around, find not only the best caterer in your area/budget range, but also to find the caterer that is best for you. All are different and only a very few will suit all your needs.

1: Do they specialize? Some caterers specialize in certain foods, meaning they excel at certain menus but are lacking in others. Depending on what kind of food you want at your reception their answer could be beneficial or a sign to stay away.

2: Ask about taste testing. Most caterers will allow you to taste test the food that you are interested in before hiring them, giving you the chance to let your taste buds have a say in the matter!

3: Get all the information on expected costs. Speak to your caterer about the money side of things. Get an estimation for costs, and then a breakdown of those costs. If you are on a tight budget you do not want a caterer splashing out on things you not only don’t need, but probably don’t want.

4: What level of involvement will the caterer have? Some caterers only cater an event and that is it. However some caterers go just a bit beyond that to help everything go smoothly by assisting in the planning and execution of the event.

5: How much will the caterer provide? Some will provide the whole works, such as chairs, tables, plates, cutlery and everything else you can think of. Some simply wont. If your caterer is providing these things then ask to see them in advance. They may not fit the theme of your wedding or could simply be awful to look at.

6: Will the person doing the planning also be the one doing the catering? Find out if the person you plan all the catering with will also be there on the day. Sometimes the planner and the caterer can be two separate things to a catering company. Combine this with a bit of bad communication and you can end up with a disaster on your hands.

7: Will the caterer be working any other events on your big day? A caterer that is in a hurry to move things along and get to their next gig can cause unnecessary disruption on your big day. Find out if they plan on devoting the whole day to you.

8: Will the caterer be on charge of all table setting and arrangements?

9: Will they be able to include a recipe that you supply? You may want a specific food at your wedding, and some catering services just are not able to adapt to recipes that they do not have previous experience with.

10: It is very important to find out of the caterer will be providing the wait staff. If they are then you will need to find out the necessary information about the staff to make sure they integrate with the theme well. If not get their advice on how many to hire and where to hire them from.

There you have it, my top 10 questions when looking for your caterer. It can be hard finding the right caterer for you, but if you ask the right questions then you will be certain to find him in the end. If you have found this information helpful then feel free to head on over to for more useful catering information.